Open Ski Resorts

Currently open ski resorts as well as those that are reopening on the weekend for resorts across the US, Canada, South America and the Australias.
Currently Alberta has the most ski resorts open at 3. California has 3 open, Colorado has 3 open, Vermont has 2 areas open, and British Columbia has 1 open.
US West
US Mid West
All ski resorts in Mid West US are now closed for the season. Resorts in the Mid West usually open early to mid November although it is not uncommon for a few to open in late October. Early season openers typically include Trollhaugen, Wisconsin, Wild Mountain, Minnesota and Ski Brule, Michigan.
US East
Canada West
Canada East
Southern Hemisphere
All ski resorts in South America and the Australias are closed for the season. The South American ski season starts mid June and runs through to October. The Australias season runs early June through the end of September.