What is SkiCentral?

SkiCentral is a specialty search engine designed as a better alternative to larger generic search engines.

SkiCentral is designed as the primary gateway for accessing ski and snowsport related sites. Skiers and snowboarders can use this service free of charge to easily and quickly find information on the Internet related to their favorite sport.

In the simplest form SkiCentral is a directory of ski and snowboard related websites. The power in SkiCentral however lies in its unique search engine, which not only provides traditional keyword searching, but also incorporates an extensive knowledge base. The result is a search tool capable of interpreting the user requirements, listing not only the appropriate websites, but also providing links to corresponding areas within SkiCentral. The search wizard is quite capable of associating searches (for example Whistler and Blackcomb), as well as understanding common spelling mistakes, especially resort name.

New sites are added to SkiCentral daily throughout the year (summer too!). The site is often updated several times a day with corrections or removal of dead links.

SkiCentral works 24 hours a day ensuring it is the most up to date resource available. Our policy is, if a site exists... find them!.

SkiCentral is consistently regarded as one of the top 3 mega-ski sites. Our site has received numerous prestigious awards and recognition. We are also listed as one of the top sporting sites in terms of traffic according to Alexa.

History of SkiCentral?

SkiCentral was originally born as The Consummate Skiing List back in October 1995. At that time we foresaw the need in the future for a more organized and dedicated approach, rather than relying on huge generic search engines such as Lycos and Webcrawler.

SkiCentral has grown from a small index of several hundred sites back in the fall of 1995 to more than 4,300 sites by the fall of 1997. As of Sep 2009 more than 10,000 sites are listed. During ski season more than 250 sites per month are typically added. Now into our 5th major revamp, SkiCentral has grown to more than 4,000 pages covering over 80 snowport topics.

A vast array of techniques and tools have been developed over time to both maintain SkiCentral as well as the never ending task of locating new sites. Methods for locating resources include numerous web robots which sift through millions of websites searching for ski and snowboard related sites, as well countless hours of surfing by real skiers.

In order that we provide the most up to date, comprehensive and useful index we believe that both active and passive gathering of resources are required. The fact is a good majority of sites receive little promotion. More than 50% of the new sites added to our listings are found using robots and good old surfing.

SkiCentral Statistics

SkiCentral serviced more than 5,000,000 page requests during the 08/09 ski season to over 1,700,000 unique host visits.

For additional data, review the statistics on our rate card, or check out the
top keywords page.

SkiCentral Advertising

As a search engine, SkiCentral relies on revenue from our advertising sales to fund the continual maintenance and growth of the site. An extensive program is in place to provide our advertisers with unique opportunities. Our priority text listing and featured list program are second to none in the industry. In fact SkiCentral was offering paid for placements several years before Overture or Google! For more information visit our advertising program.

More Information

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